Your Crypto Journey Gets Exciting with our Data and Research

As blockchain and cryptocurrency transform the way we live, work, and interact with each other, staying ahead means remaining informed and adapting to these rapid changes. Your Crypto Journey Gets Exciting with SQRR as your trusted partner in navigating this fascinating frontier, offering you the essential tools and insights required to thrive in this constantly evolving landscape.

Who We Are

At SQRR, our goal is to empower individuals with insight into the ever-evolving blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. Through our meticulous research and cutting-edge solutions, we strive to help you understand the complex aspects of this dynamic industry.

Our comprehensive approach to research and data services covers various areas, ranging from Layer-1 and Layer-2 technologies to DeFi, Web 3.0, GameFi, and NFTs. This inclusive content is designed to cater to the diverse interests of our audience. Delving deeper into the realm of blockchain technology, we explore various facets that contribute to its ever-growing influence. These include:

Layer-1 Technologies:

Investigating foundational protocols that underpin the most prominent blockchain networks, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others.

Layer-2 Technologies:

Scrutinizing innovative scalability solutions, like sidechains and rollups, that improve network speed and efficiency without compromising security.

Decentralized Finance (DeFi):

Analyzing the disruptive potential of DeFi platforms, redefining traditional financial services through decentralization and smart contracts. We cover marketplaces, lending and borrowing protocols, stablecoins, and emerging novel concepts.

Web 3.0:

Exploring the next generation of the internet where decentralized, user-centric services enable greater privacy, security, and ownership. We closely examine the role of blockchain in reshaping the digital landscape.


Delving into the emerging world of GameFi, a blend of gaming and decentralized finance that incorporates NFTs, play-to-earn models, and virtual economies. Our research tracks the latest trends and developments in this rapidly growing sector.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs):

Assessing the impact of NFTs on art, collectibles, gaming, and other creative industries. We scrutinize digital asset ownership, market trends, and emerging use cases.

DAOs and Governance:

Unraveling the intricaeis of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and governance models, which enable community-driven decision-making in various blockchain networks and projects. Our analysis delves into their structure, effectiveness, and emerging trends.

Our Team

Our team comprises highly motivated and experienced professionals passionate about digital assets and the crypto industry.

Our diverse background includes experiences in financial services, marketing, research, and academia, with each team member possessing academic and professional qualifications.


At SQRR, we understand the significance of staying current and educated in this rapidly evolving industry. That's why we work tirelessly to deliver up-to-date and relevant information through various means for our users:

Delve into the nitty-gritty with our well-researched content covering many areas and topics. Our research pieces are expected to contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Macro Analyses

Gain insights into the bigger-picture trends and movements shaping the industry.

Sector Research and Ecosystem Mapping

Explore thorough research and organized visualizations to better understand the crypto ecosystem.

Thematic Reports

Delve into incumbent and emerging themes, helping you grasp the intricate aspects of the industry.

Protocol Research ›

Explore in-depth research into various protocols for a comprehensive understanding.

Regular Updates ›

Stay further informed with Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly, and Annual updates of protocol research.

Regular Recaps

Stay up-to-date with our regular recap reports, aggregating the latest news, insights, and analysis from the world of blockchain and crypto, providing a comprehensive summary of the most significant developments and trends.

Data & Intel

Enhance your understanding with data-driven insights from our on-chain analytics and stay informed about the latest events and roadmap progressions.

Who do we serve

We cater to both sides of the ecosystem, namely Project Teams and Other Stakeholders.

We provide outstanding services to both projects looking to communicate their vision and individuals or institutions interested in engaging with crypto and emerging technologies.

Project Teams

Project teams can reap the advantages of our Protocol Research Reports by conveying their messages effectively to an enthusiastic community and various stakeholders.Our Protocol Service assists teams in connecting with a broader community through our comprehensive Protocol Research Reports. Upon engaging with our service, teams can maintain regular and consistent communication with their audience via our Regular Update Reports and event follow-ups. Utilize our services to engage with your community more effectively.Our on-demand services include:

  • Protocol Research Reports
  • Regular Update Reports
  • Analytics
  • KPI Updates and Event follow-ups


Whether you are an experienced professional or a newcomer, a corporate or an individual in the blockchain and crypto industry, the rapid pace of this field makes staying updated a challenge. Our offerings extend to three main solutions to better support you.

The industry is often filled with clutter and noise that can quickly divert your attention. Nonetheless, our services aim to educate you on the essential aspects of the industry while filtering out irrelevant information. Our offerings extend to three main solutions to better support you.

Standard Research

Our Standard Research solution is a readily available discretionary product for clients to utilize.

  • Macro Analyses
  • Sector Research and Ecosystem Mapping
  • Thematic Reports
  • Data and Intel
  • Protocol Research Reports
  • Regular Update Reports
  • Recaps
  • KPI Updates & Event Follow-ups

Bespoke Research

Our Bespoke Research solution is an on-demand service designed to address your unique requirements.

  • Sector Research and Ecosystem Mapping
  • Thematic Reports
  • Protocol Research Reports
  • Regular Update Reports
  • Data and Intel

White-Labeled Research

The White-Labeled Research solution is an additional on-demand service in which you can outsource research to us. We can also seamlessly integrate with your in-house research teams and function as an extension of their efforts.

  • Sector Research and Ecosystem Mapping
  • Thematic Reports
  • Protocol Research Reports
  • Regular Update Reports
  • Recaps

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Join us in our pursuit for knowledge, innovation, and progress as we explore, understand, and embrace the exciting world of blockchain and crypto technologies. Together, let's forge a future that embraces the transformative power of technology, and leverage the potential of blockchain and cryptocurrency to create a world filled with innovation, collaboration, and endless opportunities.

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